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JAVA technology comprises a number of different software products and computer specifications created by Sun Microsystems, all of which are found in software applications across a multitude of different platforms. These include JAVA Runtime, JAVA Virtual Machine, or just JAVA.

What is JAVA technology?

Like C and C++, JAVA is a programming language, but it is also a computing platform. Today, JAVA is the power behind the scenes of many of state of the art software applications and programs we use on a daily basis. And without JAVA running silently in the background, many of these programs and applications will not work properly.

JAVA is open source software and is available for everyone, from everyday users to software application developers. The JAVA programming language is being developed all the time and JAVA developers continually release new and improved updates to JAVA technology. For the everyday user, JAVA technology updates itself as soon as a new version is released, but for anyone else who needs access to JAVA technology the latest version can be downloaded from the JAVA website.

Most people are probably unaware of how much we rely on JAVA technology, but without it an awful lot of devices would grind to a halt or fail to perform to their optimum level. JAVA technology is used in many common devices, from hand held PDAs, games consoles, printers, car navigation systems, lottery terminals, TVs and mobile phones, to enterprise servers and the massive computers used by government agencies. It is also used in desktop computing and Internet browsers and enables users to play games online as well as enjoy online conversations with friends and family around the world.

JAVA technology is also a vital part of business computing and is an integral part of business e-commerce systems and intranet applications, which makes JAVA technology an essential component for corporate computer systems. JAVA is commonly found in networks and its platform portability and built in security features make it an ideal software solution for business networks of all sizes.

Why do software developers use JAVA technology?

The main reason why software developers choose JAVA is because it is extremely versatile, portable, and efficient. JAVA software can be written for one platform, but run on almost any other. JAVA allows software developers to do many things, including developing server-side applications, create customised applications and services, design applications for mobile phones and other digital devices, and create software for Web services.

Android is a software stack for lots of mobile devices, including Smartphones and tablet computers, and is developed by the Google led Open Handset Alliance. Android code was originally developed by Android Inc., but the company was bought out by Google in 2005. Google decided to distribute Android and it was later released by Google under the free Apache License. Today the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) is at the forefront of further development and maintenance of Android.

What is Android?

Android incorporates an operating system, key applications, and middleware for mobile devices. Android SDK gives software developers the essential APIs and tools so they are able to begin developing mobile applications on Android with the aid of JAVA programming language.

What features does Android have?

? Application Framework
? Integrated Browser
? SQLite
? GSM telephony
? Dalvik virtual machine
? Media support
? Bluetooth, 3G, WiFi, EDGE
? Optimised graphics
? Rich development environment
? Camera, compass, GPS

The Android application framework is an open development platform, which allows application developers to have access to framework APIs used by core applications. This gives developers the opportunity to use device hardware, run services in the background, add status bar notifications, and more. Providing a base for Android applications are a set of systems and services, including content providers, resource manager, notification manager, and an activity manager.

Android comes with several core applications, all of which are written in JAVA language. These include a browser, contacts, email client, calendar, maps, and lots more. Included in Android is a set of C and C++ libraries containing various components of Android, the capabilities of which are shown to developers in the application framework. Android Runtime has core libraries to provide functionality from JAVA and each Android application runs its own individual process. Android has a Linux kernel, on which it relies for some core system services.

What is the latest version of Android software?

The latest version of Android is Android 4.0. Building on the developments made during earlier versions of Android, Android 4.0 refines animations and makes interactions throughout the system more engaging and interesting. There is also a new typeface to make reading on high resolution screens a lot easier.

Android 4.0 is also designed for developers to create exciting and innovative applications for mobile phones, tablet computers, and lots of other devices. The unified UI Android framework offers developers new UI tools, simplified code resources, and consistent design.